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The Embroidery



Rossoyuki’s design philosophy attributes the highest importance to skilled craftsmanship and the creation of thought-provoking pieces, with a modern cruelty-free and handcrafted approach to luxury.

Rossoyuki has a deep cultural association with India and its artisans; we are truly committed to supporting the cultural value of Indian craftsmanship and giving back to its community. Rossoyuki bags are handcrafted in Priyanshi’s native by local artisans with a remarkable ability of ancestral origin and skills to achieve the highest quality.


Each creation is born from a multitude of sketches, samples and responsibly sourced cruelty-free materials. Our team of hand embroiders are masters of their craft, and work to perfect each piece in our workshop in Mumbai.


Rossoyuki is proudly leather-free and aspires to change the conversation in the luxury accessories market with a collection that transcends the need to distinguish animal leather as the luxury standard.