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ROSSOYUKI is proudly leather-free and aspires to change the conversation in the luxury accessories market with a collection that transcends the need to distinguish animal leather as the luxury standard.
Established in 2015, Rossoyuki, is a sustainable luxury accessories brand, designed and developed in Mumbai. 
ROSSOYUKI pioneers in intricate craftsmanship, cruelty-free luxury, and individuality celebrating rare artistic techniques and fine-textiles. Each piece is handcrafted by local master craftsmen featuring thousands of intricately woven micro glass beads, conscientiously sourced wooden frames, and brass hardware. 
ROSSOYUKI minaudières and accessories are designed incorporating specialized techniques with over 80 hours of hand embroidery in every piece. Each ROSSOYUKI piece is distinctive but also timeless, with the full intention of surpassing generational tastes.
The brand's philosophy elucidates its relationship with ethical and luxury fashion, with 10% of proceeds donated to animal welfare foundations.
Since 2019, we have reduced our waste by focusing on creating made-to-order pieces.

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