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Priyanshi Mehta, envisioned a luxurious accessories collection that preserved and cherished the traditional hand embroidery of her Indian roots while also incorporating a modern cruelty-free approach.
She continues to redefine the idea of luxury handbags by showcasing intricate artisanal hand-embroidery on vegan textiles in every collection.
Mehta resides in Mumbai, and is an active animal rights activist helping rescue and rehome animals in India.
Her love for designing accessories started at a young age, when she was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease while still in high school. To pass her time outside school and in and out of infirmaries, she would occupy her time by hand designing semi-fine jewelry and bags for herself that soon bloomed into a small-scale business.
Mehta studied accessory design at Savannah College of Art and Design in the United States, and Alchimia and Ars Sutoria in Italy, and most recently studied Creative Enterprise Ownership at the Fashion Institute of technology in New York City.

“I had two very clear design influences from a young age, one being the wondrous beauty of animals, and two being my mother’s closet and her beautiful collection of vintage hand embroidered bags.

My innate compassion towards animals was what drove Rossoyuki to be a cruelty-free label. With the plethora of beautiful cruelty free textiles available today, I never saw the need to use leather or fur, not once was there a design that required leather, which didn’t have a high quality vegan alternative available.

i see my designs truly come to life with every bead that is sewn into my pieces with the artisanal ability of a master craftsman. to me, the harmony of a cruelty-free creation process and unpatrolled artistry, is the true beauty of Rossoyuki”