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Unheard Voices - Leopards

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Unheard Voices - Leopards

The Leopard

Conservation Status - Unknown, Some species are vulnerable and endangered - Population Increasing 

Little is known about the leopard's conservation status. Leopards are solitary, nocturnal creatures that prefer to live in dense bush where their camouflage helps them

Human impact on Leopards -

1. Habitat Destruction - Loss of habitat and prey, as well as intense persecution as livestock killers, is the chief threat to this magnificent big cat. Leopards have fared slightly better than other big cats, due mainly to their wide distribution and amazing adaptability. Although they are amazingly tolerant of human activity and persist where other carnivores cannot, they have been extirpated from approximately 37% of their African range. Populations in North Africa, the Middle East, and Russia are now Critically Endangered.

2. Hunting Dangers - They are heavily hunted in southern Asia for their skin and bones supplying the Chinese medicinal trade. In western and central Africa, they are hunted for their skins, teeth, and claws. In tropical forests, bushmeat hunting competes directly for prey species and may drive them to extinction even in forests that have not been logged.

3. Fashion & Illegal Trade - These big cats have long been hunted for their soft fur — used to make coats and ceremonial robes — as well as for their claws, whiskers, and tails, which are popular as fetishes.

Why are leopards important?

The leopard is important ecologically, economically and culturally. Conservation of its habitat benefits other species, With the right conservation efforts, we can bring them back and ensure long-term conservation.

What can you do?

Donate and/or spread the word. - the more we share and educate the ones around us, the more we encourage and open peoples mind. Kindness can be taught.

1. https://www.snowleopard.org/donations/fall-appeal-2018/

2. https://support.wwf.org.uk/adopt-a-leopard

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