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The Art of Embroidery

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The Art of Embroidery
Its enchanting, and almost therapeutic to watch the needle as it threads each minuscule bead together, one by one like a symphony of beads creating an intricate piece of art.

Embroidery done by hand can date its origin back to 30,000 BC and is believed to originate in the Orient and the Middle East. Embroideries became more lavish in Europe and delicate bead embroidery gained popularity by 1500 A.D.

The fine and meticulous art of hand embroidery is skill mastered by decades of repetitive practice. In India, it is still a skill passed down through generations, with its children in the same artistic field as its ancestors. Some styles and techniques are only survived by their family tree, and every stitch has its own little history.

Now, when most fashion is available quick, cheap and unstainable, there is a luxurious pull towards hand embroidery and artisanal craftsmanship behind it. In India, intricate hand embroidered outfits or articles can be found in almost every home, as each state, religion, sub-culture within our country holds its own form and style of hand embroidery. It’s a vast artistic heritage that is slowly being consumed by mass production, but yet, many avant-gardes, bridal couture and new generation designers are reviving hand embroidery and infusing it into their designs.

Each one-of-its-kind Rossoyuki piece is crafted with passionate creativity and hours of intricate hand embroidery. Rossoyuki loves to explore its rich heritage and create beautiful designs each season supporting and incorporating this exquisite craft.