Animal Prints


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Animal prints have been in trend for as long as I can remember, granted there have been various interpretations and designs they have still remained a classic.

As Fashioniser aptly states "handbag trends have really elevated the position of animal skin in fashion arena starting from leopard and tiger prints to snake and crocodile skin patterns. This exotic trend best fitted to show bohemian luxury is touching on not only outerwear, footwear, pants or tops, but also handbags." 

Although animal skins are gorgeous they only belong on the animal and not on our fashions. Natures beauty is so bountiful and pure that any kind of cruelty against it an ugly and unethical practice. Especially when that same beauty can be replicated with faux alternatives and or enhancing embroideries.

From the time this trend was born during the 18th century when Europeans were colonising Asia & Africa and purchasing skins in bulk, to dawning the wardrobes of sex-symbols like Marilyn Monroe and now to the streets with luxury and fast fashion designers opting for faux alternatives, this trend is magnetising and a true classic.
Wear animal prints in small doses, just the handbag, or the stiletto, just shirt, or the skirt, don't go overboard, we don't want to confuse you for the wrong species. ;)


"When the buying stops the killing will too"
P.S : Always shop for Cruelty-free & Sustainable Fashion

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