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As a vegan designer myself, I am obsessed with this trend & color, not only does it promote hope for our environment but also growth & positivity. I wouldn't be surprised if our new collection would have a lot of greenery!

According to Pantone, the bright yellow-green shade of 'Greenery' symbolises the "reconnection we seek with nature and all". The color company went on to state that the hue seeks to "revive, restore and renew" - which a lot of us could certainly use after years of destroying our planet.

We saw the spring/summer runways of 2017, making a green statement with this vivid and verdant shade becoming a real show stopper. With Balmain, Versace & even Micheal Kors getting onto the greenery ride.

Expect to see a lot of green this year! 


"When the buying stops the killing will too"

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