Round Bags


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Circular bags are all the rage in the 2000 born millennials. Its bold, its eclectic and it ALWAYS make a statement. 

I see bloggers and influencers sporting this chic accessory with eccentric looks, and I can't keep my eyes of them. Its a great conversation starter, and draws in a lot of attention, its impossible to go unnoticed carrying something as bold as a round bag.

I truly feel sleek and stylish carrying my round bag, with a black romper and faux leather motorcycle jacket paired with red soled leopard pumps. Its a manifestation of power and fortitude. It's a staple go to piece when your looking to amp up your outfit.

Never stay blocked into one style, experiment with boldness and aim to be different. you can personalise a round clutch in a multitude of different ways, think a white beach crochet maxi dress to  a hooded cavali crop top and skinny jeans all with a round bag. Round bags instantly make your look go from chic to uber chic.



"When the buying stops the killing will too"

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