"Rossoyuki stands out as a brand not only of its aesthetic but more for its loyalty towards the cause of humane fashion. Nothing looks sexier than a moral consciousness and rossoyuki hits the spot."
Anjali Mody

"New age Vegan designs funky yet sophisticated collective energy of two rich cultures, Indian value system blended in with the Japanese classy beads! Makes a wow statement every time I carry 1 of Rossoyuki bags, oh yes I have more than 1. Elegantly pull them off during all occasions, definitely going in my heirloom collection for my off springs."
Pahyal Kothari

"I am jewelry designer and when I wear my Rossoyuki bag I feel like I am wearing a jewel and I love it! When I go out in Paris, everyone asks me where it is from, I love that I have been one of the first ones to know this amazing brand. In France we love embroideries and handwork and Rossoyuki bags are all about that and about refine accessories, that’s why I am crazy about it! I also really love that it is very elegant, I can wear it as a clutch for a cocktail, and also as a cross body bag when I want to dance!"
Marie Cabirou

Rossoyuki is my go to accessory brand. They always manage to customise to my outfits and needs, even on short notice. 
Pooja Desai

"I adore my Rossoyuki clutches and stilettos, they match the quality of luxury brands. I always get many compliments when I wear a Rossoyuki accessory. And when I mention it's not real leather they cant believe it because it just looks soo good." 
Radhika Agarwal

"It's been a absolute delight to carry the clutch designed by Rossoyuki. They are classy yet dramatic and every piece is beautifully crafted. The compliments I receive while carrying the clutch speaks thousand words itself. Thanks you Rossoyuki for always making me stand out "
Ruchi Wahi

"Fabulous clutches hand crafted to perfection & very creative, appealing, bold & vibrant designs for each kind of outfit in your wardbrobe"
Priyanka Doshi