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YODA - Youth Organisation in Defence of Animals
When we started this trust along with my friends, we didn't realise just how many animals are in dire need of help. We require funds to keep our shelter in Mumbai running. We are always in need of volunteers and your donations will help us with much needed medicines, food and rehabilitation for these animals.
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Youth Organisation in Defense of Animals, Mumbai was born out of the minds of 5 visionaries that were newly exposed to the harsh realities of how animals are treated in India.

In particular, animal mills, where the female species are bred over and over until death to produce babies for monetary gain. Please look up 'puppy mills' on Google and see exactly what happens in these horrid sites. 99 percent of the commercial breeders in this country are full fledged puppy mills. 

Our method of working towards reducing the number of puppy mills is via adoption, direct action and education. We want to gently alter Indian mindset towards animals and hope to make our country a safe place for them one day. As Mahatma Gandhi once very rightly quoted "the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

As there are no powerful rules/laws in the country against animal cruelty or puppy mills, YODA hopes to gradually spread the word through the nation via thorough education. We enforce adoption of animals and hope that one day the only means ones thinks of for gaining a pet is adoption. We hope to see places like Crawford market reduce the number of animals they sell or permanently close down because most individuals would rather help give a better life to an animal and adopt.

Our members and wells-wishers, breathe the thought of animals on their behalf and make sure each of them get the comfort they deserve be it a nice home or a permanent break from cruelty. We started this organisation with the hope that every family includes an animal member amongst them and really treats them like a family member also. Our job is to facilitate that thought when one ponders the notion of adopting or simply just wanting to help an animal in need.

YODA provides a wide range of animal welfare activities like rescues, rehabilitation, rehoming, medical-aid, background research for adopters and medical emergencies when required. Rescuing animals includes us having to remove animals from locations harmful to them physically/psychologically And foster them until we find a home that can look after them in a manner they deserve.

YODA - True Compassion Backed With Action!